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POST-DOCTORAL POSITION at EpiCBio, Institut Pasteur Paris, France

Challenging DNA and histone methylation:

Identification and characterisation of novel inhibitors to fight bacterial infections.

We are looking for a talented and curiosity-driven post-doc or engineer interested at the interface of Chemistry and Biology to join us at EpiCBio, Institut Pasteur – CNRS UMR3523. The Epigenetic Chemical Biology Unit is composed of chemists and biologists working together in synergy.

The successful candidate will be in charge of the biological evaluation of an oriented chemical library targeting DNA and histone methylation designed and synthetized in house.

She/he will manage three aspects of the project:

-the development of robust assays, in vitro and/or in cells, to screen the oriented chemical library.

-the biological validation of the hits by enzymatic, biophysical assays and phenotypical characterization.

-the optimization of the hit together with the chemists to propose a potential drug candidate or a chemical probe.

The candidate should have skills in enzymology, biochemistry, molecular and cellular biology, and microscopy. An open and cooperative interaction with the chemists of the team is essential to the project. In addition, the screening will be developed in collaboration with other teams of the Institut Pasteur, thus he/she should be very open to collaborations.

The post-doctoral position at the Institut Pasteur, Paris, is for 18 months, renewable.

Starting dates are flexible, with a preference for beginning of January 2023.

Application, including a CV, two reference letters and detailed contacts, should be sent by email to

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