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Le groupe de recherche FLUOPEPT/BioCIS recrute un chimiste pour 18-24 mois

Post-Doctoral position: Peptide/peptidomimetics synthesis for crop protection as an alternative to conventional chemical pesticides

The Post-Doctoral fellow chosen for this position will take part in the EU-funded FETOPEN Network NoPest. NoPEST gathers research groups with complementary skills and infrastructures from five universities based in four EU countries and the associated state Israel together with SIPCAMOXON, a global company specialized in the synthesis, formulation and commercialization of active ingredients and (bio)chemicals for agriculture.

Objective of the recruited Post-doctoral researcher: The Post-doctoral researcher enrolled in this position, will synthesize peptide and peptidomimetics with the aim to optimize the effectiveness of the peptides selected from the previous aptamers screening and from the biological evaluations carried out within the consortium partners. The applicant will be involved in the synthesis of unnatural scaffolds, i.e. non-natural amino acids (Aas), as for example fluorinated Aas, and in the synthesis of the designed peptide derivatives. The Post-doctoral researcher will be enrolled by the University of Paris-Saclay ( under the supervision of Prof. Sandrine Ongeri and Dr. Benoit Crousse (FLUOPEPIT/BioCIS, and will participate to all the meetings and activities organized by the international consortium.

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