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L'unité Inserm U1177 recrute un chimiste-médicinal pour 18 mois

The research team Drugs and Molecules for Living Systems, (INSERM, Institut Pasteur de Lille and University of Lille), specialized in drug discovery, medicinal chemistry, screening and pharmacokinetics ( is offering a 18-month postdoc position.

The candidate will be recruited by The Institut Pasteur de Lille in our laboratory that gathers chemists and biologists to design new drugs in an inspiring and stimulating environment.

The aim is to design, synthesize and perform multiparametric optimization of inhibitors of the protease 3CL (3CLpro) of the coronavirus SARS-CoV2.


-> Design & synthesis of bioactive compounds

-> Multiparametric optimization & Interpretation of biological and ADME results (SAR, SPR)

-> Writing of ELN, of protocols, Reagents ordering

-> Preparation/ writing of publications, posters, oral communication

-> Participation to shared lab tasks

-> Mentoring and supervising students

Qualifications requirements:

-> Experience with multi step synthesis

-> Experience with multiparametric optimization

-> Good knowledge of medicinal chemistry

-> Experience in using modern analytic instrumentation, including running and interpretation of NMR-spectra (1D and 2D) and also Mass-spectrometry

-> Experience in specialized softwares and databases, ELNs, Biovia Draw or Chem Draw, Reaxys or SCiFinder, Pubmed, MOE and/or Pymol would be a plus.

-> Excellent knowledge of Excel, Word, Powerpoint

-> Publication writing skills

->Good command of both oral and written English

In order to achieve success in the research, the candidate should demonstrate rigor, creativity, initiative, and excellent team work.

Required degree and experience:

-> a PhD in organic chemistry or medicinal chemistry

-> a postdoc experience in organic or medicinal chemistry would be a plus

-> an experience in industry and/or an experience abroad would be a plus

Contact : &

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