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3-Year PhD proposal in organic / medicinal chemistry in Nantes

Dernière mise à jour : 27 sept. 2023

Title: Synthesis of a new class of metallocene-antifungal agents against resistant fungi

To be filled in October-November 2023

Required profile

We are looking for a curious and highly motivated candidate to synthesize the organometallic-containing triazoles targeted in this project. He/she will have to possess a solid knowledge in organic chemistry (theoretical and experimental) and in various analytical/purification techniques (NMR, UPLC-Ms, Flash chromatography…). Experience in organometallic sandwich compounds and in medicinal chemistry (molecular modelling and SAR studies) is an asset. The candidate must have a master’s degree (or equivalent) in chemistry.

Establishment and laboratory

IICiMed-UR1155 - Nantes Université

Institut de Recherche en Santé 2 - Département de Chimie Thérapeutique 22 Boulevard Bénoni Goullin, 44200 Nantes, France

Application procedure

All required documents are listed below:

  • CV and cover letter

  • All degree certificates

  • Two letters of recommendation, preferably from the director of the Master program and the supervisor of the candidate’s research project

  • Deadline for application before 15th September 2023

Financial support

French National Research Agency (ANR) collaborative project “OTARI” (Organometallic-Containing Triazoles Against Resistant FungI) coordinated by Dr. Kévin Cariou (Chimie ParisTech)


Dr. Cédric Logé - (PhD supervisor)

Prof. Pascal Marchand - (deputy director of IICiMed - UR1155)

For more information on the project please read the pdf enclosed.

PhD Thesis offer ANR OTARI IICiMed Nantes Univ France
Télécharger PDF • 659KB

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